This Blown-ion™ plasma treater utilizes a MultiPort™ design that bombards surfaces with an intense, high speed discharge of ions to clean, etch & functionalize surfaces. Treatment removes contaminants, increases bonding sites, & improves the wettability of plastics, composites & metal surfaces for improved adhesion.

It is ideal for high-speed lines with a uniform surface treatment area up to 50 mm.

Muliport plasma surface treatment products
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The Blown-ion™ Multi-port is an easy to use touch-screen machine that guides users through operation, monitoring fault logs and more. It has remote control start/ stop functionality through Enercon interface or through Ethernet.

Its fully enclosed stainless-steel body has an internally mounted HV transformer, self-protective circuitry and no moving parts, ensuring virtually no maintenance requirements

  • The broad head is easily mounted in any configuration and uses standard compressed air (90 – 110 PSI).
  • The USB data port provides access for software update uploads and downloads of system data. Whilst the Plasma Integrity Monitoring systems monitor and record key system data to ensure reliable, repeatable results.

20” x 13” x 18.5”

Single head 60lbs

240V, 3.5 Amps

Dual head 70 lbs

240V, 7 Amps

To discuss how plasma treatment could help your specific processes or if you are interested in Enercon conducting trials on your components please contact us or fill in our enquiry form.