Packaging companies are often faced with problems of labels not adhering to their products. Chemically inert plastics such as HDPE, and Polypropylene often have issues with label adhesion. Glass is often coated with a polymer that stops friction during transportation but results in poor label adhesion.

The packaging industry knows that label adhesion is an important requirement. Poor label adhesion results in loss of brand image, difficulties with production identification and warranties. Bottles, containers, lids and caps are all affected and often changing the material or label specified can be difficult.

Plasma Surface Treatment is a solution that can increase surface energy, remove contamination and add functional groups to allow optimum adhesion.

Plasma surface treaters are easy to fit into existing production lines and are simple to automate to ensure reliable, repeatable results.

Enercon’s range of surface treatment technology can provide treatment for all shapes and sizes of containers and components.

To discuss how plasma treatment could help your specific processes or if you are interested in Enercon conducting trials on your components please contact us or fill in our enquiry form.


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