Plasma surface treatment can improve the adhesion of coatings and functionalise the surface of a variety of substrates.

In the electronics industry many assemblies such as Surface Mounted LEDs, and PCBs require surface treatment to prevent porosity of the coatings and ensure good adhesion. PCB boards are prepared with plasma surface treatment using a process called desmearing where drilling debris and contamination are removed to improve coating adhesion of conformal coatings.

Plasma surface treatment brings advantages including the removal of mechanical abrasion such as grit blasting and the removal of chemical cleaning processes many of which use volatile and hazardous chemicals. This process is very effective in the application of polymeric coatings on metals

As plasma surface treatment can be automated in an inline process it is easy to achieve increased reliability and higher throughput rates.

To discuss how plasma treatment could help your specific processes or if you are interested in Enercon conducting trials on your components please contact us or fill in our enquiry form.


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