Metallic surfaces in manufacturing plants are subject to contamination during storage and are often coated with a protective polymer film which has very poor adhesion properties.

Surfaces need to be prepared for adhesive bonding or coating. These traditional surface treatments are often time consuming and hazardous.

Chemical Cleaning processes such as chemical etching or mechanical abrasion techniques such as grit blasting are expensive, hazardous processes that are widely used to increase adhesion to metals. Process variability is often an issue as processes have a large manual element.

Plasma Surface Treatment removes contamination revealing the underlaying layer in metals such as Aluminium, Titanium and Stainless Steel. The surface is bombarded by ions resulting in a high surface energy substrate optimum for bonding and coating.

Plasma Surface Treatment is a Green technology as it requires only compressed air and electricity to clean and activate metals to ensure good adhesion. It also has the added benefit of less process variability increasing efficiency and throughput.

To discuss how plasma treatment could help your specific processes or if you are interested in Enercon conducting trials on your components please contact us or fill in our enquiry form.


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