Plasma Surface Treatment allows the Electronics industry move away from chemical cleaning to in-line pretreatment.

Plasma surface technology can replace chemical cleaners in the process of PCB desmearing  (i.e. the removal of the residue from drilling holes in the manufacture of the PCB). This removes process variability, cuts consumable cost and allows for in-line production.

PCBs are often coated with potting or conformal coatings to achieve particular IP ratings. These coating protect and stabilise assemblies from vibration and impacts. Plasma surface treatment technology will help the adhesion of such coatings.

Other Electronics industry applications are:

  • LED Encapsulation
  • Oxide and Hydrocarbon removal on semiconductor wafers
  • Removal photoresist in semiconductor wafers.
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To discuss how plasma treatment could help your specific processes or if you are interested in Enercon conducting trials on your components please contact us or fill in our enquiry form.


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