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Which Surface Treatment Technology is right for you?

2019-04-04T09:30:30+01:001st April, 2019|Aerospace, Automotive, Cable & Piping, Electronics, Medical, Packaging, Papers|

There are a host of surface treating technologiesavailable, but ultimately your applicationwill determine which technology is best.

Surface treatment improves print adhesion for leading dental product manufacturer

2019-04-02T10:35:56+01:0027th March, 2019|Case Study, Ink Printing, Plastics|

Ranir LLC is a leading producer of contract dental products including floss, whitening products and toothbrushes. Ranir wanted to print on toothbrushes from China that were resisting ink adhesion. Read how they solved the issue here.

Plasma Treating Tubes Ensures Ink Adhesion and Increases Production Efficiency

2019-04-02T10:41:12+01:0027th March, 2019|Case Study, Ink Printing, Plastics|

Plastube is a Canadian manufacturer of innovative plastic tubes for the beauty, healthcare, food and pharmaceutical industries. They needed to improve the printing on the tubes to allow their customers’ brands to shine. Read how they achieved it here.

Plasma Treater Improves Ink Jet Printing Throughput

2019-04-02T10:45:25+01:0027th March, 2019|Case Study, Ink Printing, Plastics|

WAGO is at at the forefront of streamlining electrical connections with innovative products like CAGE and CLAMP®. WAGO was looking for ways to improve the efficiencies and ink adhesion for printing on their Nylon66 terminal blocks. Find out how they achieved it here.

Ink Jet Printing on HDPE and PET Improves with Plasma Surface Treating

2019-04-02T10:55:21+01:0027th March, 2019|Case Study, Ink Printing, Plastics|

Best Formulations is a major contract packager with responsibility for thousands of branded nutritional supplements, pro biotics, pharmaceuticals, food and teas. They needed to improve ink adhesion for codes printed on containers. Discover how they achieved it.

Solving Potting and Assembly Adhesion Challenges with Custom Solutions

2019-04-02T13:00:41+01:0027th March, 2019|Adhesive Bonding, Case Study, Plastics|

Mertek Solutions, Inc. designs and builds custom machinery for automated manufacturing in a wide variety of industries. Mertek recently partnered with Enercon on a project involving a plastic pool filter. The bond between an epoxy potting adhesive was failing and allowing water to pass through. Read how they solved the problem.

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