One of the world’s most experienced Plasma Surface Treatment companies

Enercon Industries is one of the world’s most experienced plasma surface treatment providers and is chosen by some of the largest manufacturers in the world for the performance of its equipment and the quality of its service.
As a leader in manufacturing plasma surface treating systems, Enercon’s application experts can help you determine which technology is best for your application.

We offer free in-house testing and diagnostics to evaluate the effectiveness of plasma surface treatment for your application. We can also test at your facility where you can simulate the actual line conditions and processes involved with the application.

We pride ourselves in providing fast and reliable solutions to meet our customers’ requirements, from fast-paced production environments to smaller start-up operations.

Thanks to a high level of expertise and a widely developed network of professionals based around the globe, Enercon Industries’ customers can count on effective plasma surface treatment solutions, state-of-the-art technology and professional guidance at any time.

about us

Service and Support

Enercon Industries’ commitment to your success starts with our pre-sales testing and consultancy service and doesn’t stop once we’ve delivered your equipment.

Our highly trained professionals guarantee emergency support and service whenever you need them because we understand that when a machine delivers less than optimal results or breaks down on a production line it can have serious consequences.

Induction Cap Sealers

Enercon is the global leader in Induction Cap Sealing technology. Our Super Seal™ range of cap sealers is designed to give customers cutting edge technology at the lowest possible cost of ownership, delivered through high levels of reliability, low maintenance costs and reduced overheads.